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Vision Games

3D perception, depth and movement, changes for the eye and mind; these games give a taster of the Bates method experience.

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Vision Games

Generally when we start out in life, the default experience of seeing is one of fascination and joy. That is also what people usually rediscover and re-experience when they relax their eyes, their mind, and their whole being.

'Relax . . .'

. . . there is more to release than you thought.

Vision Games is an ongoing project to bring the essence of the Bates method lesson experience onto the screen. Ultimately it's a stepping off point, and the ultimate aim is to bring that same fascination and joy back through simply seeing in your everyday environment.

3D perception, depth and movement, changes for the eye and mind; these games are just a taster of the Bates method experience. Be sure to come back to this page for updates, or sign up to the mail list for announcements:

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To break the habit of staring . . .

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The Moon Swing

A mesmerising, hypnotic motion - keeping your eyes engaged, and moving is the goal: seeing the moon, stars, screen edge and background slide is the effect of relaxation.

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Moon swing video

Space and Depth

With reading and screen work, people are often practicing 2D perception all day long. This vision game starts to reopen 3D to the mind.

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Space and Depth video

The sensation of depth is both a function of the eye, and an experience of the mind. You don't even need to use both eyes.

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Basic Principles

All the method requires is that you look. There are colours, shapes, movement . . . all these things are food for the eyes.

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Perhaps the simplest of all the techniques, Palming is regarded as a foundation for learning how to relax the eyes and mind.

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Sunning is the simple application of light to the eyes, this technique provides a similar foundation for the eyes as Palming.

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