Eye Mask Techniques

How to use an eye mask to deeply relax your eyes

. . . a fresh perspective into visual relaxation for people who can – and can't – palm

Eye Masks


Doctor Bates was not keen on eye coverings, and he often expressed that palming was the essential technique when learning how to release unnecessary physical and mental strain on the eyes and mind. He reprinted the following Q&A a number of times in the Better Eyesight Magazines:

Question: 'If one's arms become tired while palming, will a black silk handkerchief covering the eyes produce the same amount of relaxation one gets from palming?'

Answer: 'No. Palming is the best method for relaxation and improvement in vision. When tired of palming, the hands can be removed and the eyes kept closed until one feels relaxed.'

It is true that using any kind of eye mask is not the same as Palming, however, there can be situations where palming is not possible, and the use of a blackout mask is the next best option to allow your eyes to rest in complete darkness. Fortunately, recent designs in eye masks are particularly good for this, and they have enabled people who cannot palm to finally experience total darkness - along with deep, visual, and mental rest. Furthermore a good eye mask can work so well it brings a fresh perspective into visual relaxation for people who can palm.

Stillness & Movement

Palming brings stillness to the head and eyes, while an eye mask can be used in both movement and stillness. It is possible while wearing an eye mask to move around in 100% darkness, and exploring this can provide wonderful insight into the reactions your eyes make in response to movement.


There is also a great difference between your hands and a mask. Your hands themselves, covering your eyes, with their warmth and energy, are supremely protective. In an eye mask, along with the ease of movement, the eyes may feel a little more vulnerable. If you can release and relax into this sensation it can be very helpful.

When palming isn't possible - a case history

How to relax your eyes with an eye mask

  • Get hold of a good eye mask that gives you 100% blackout. The best mask we have found for this is the Manta Sleep Mask.

  • Sit in a comfortable chair where you can be still for at least 20 minutes.

  • With your mask on and your eyes closed, relax and breathe calmly.

  • Listen to the sounds around you. Let them come and go.

  • Notice that there is nothing to see. Say to your self, 'My eyes are having a complete rest. There is nothing to see.'

  • Be aware of your continuing stillness.

  • After a some minutes, move your head very gently, either to the left or right, or up and down. Pay attention to what your eyes physically do.

  • Stop the movement, let your eyes become peaceful again. See if they can remain calm the next time you move your head.

  • Keep going. See what you discover.

Two recommended designs:

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