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Seeing.org first began in the summer of 1996. It was still early days for the Internet but I was sure that having a comprehensive online profile for the Bates Method was a high priority; I started work on it and the site expanded steadily over the following months.

It wasn't until August of 1998 that it went live, rapidly becoming the premier source of information about the original Bates Method. In February 2001 I added a discussion list through Yahoo Groups, and more recently a Facebook company and discussion page.

Primarily the project - the site and the community - exists in order to help people understand the Bates Method. The method is easy to mis-interpret and countless people in the past have experienced confusion for a number of reasons. The medium of the printed word has conventionally been a barrier for conveying the method as all understanding is dependent on a person's mental habits - their 'modus operandi' so to speak, and the vital clues to detecting the nuances of meaning in Bates writings are often overlooked.

However, the Internet does make it possible to interact a little more with your sources - you can get feedback: that most vital ingredient in Bates Method lessons is not only possible, but encouraged, so that people have a chance to really begin to understand this most remarkable of educational experiences. The one to one lesson can't be replaced, but at least there is an opportunity here to get started and point yourself in the right direction.

All work on the site is by myself unless otherwise stated. I've had valuable feedback along the way and wish to thank all those who gave me encouragement and input. In particular I'd like to thank Claire West, who meticulously went through locating typos, suggesting spelling changes to make the site more Anglo-American friendly, and providing valuable feedback to help me assess clarity for the reader.

Hopefully you'll find the site easier to navigate: so much has changed on the Internet since the first site was designed that it was better to build it again from scratch. It's a big site and takes a long time to create; long may it last and long may you enjoy finding it a source of information and inspiration!

And if you feel like dropping us a line to pass on your impressions, we look forward to hearing what you think!

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June 15 2019

On a tomb in the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Florence was found the following inscription: "Here lies Salvino degli Armati, Inventor of Spectacles. May God pardon him his sins

Nuova Encyclopedia Italiana, sixth edition. BEMs July 1920

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