Moon swing video

Moon Swing

Let your gaze gently follow the
lines, points, and intersection.

The moon moves...

Let it move.

Moon Swing

This vision game is designed to get your eyes moving effortlessly and at the same time help you practice the visual swing.

'Relax . . .'

. . . and watch everything moving.

Start the video, close your eyes and listen to the sounds. Let your breath move gently with the impressions of the distant ocean waves. When you are feeling relaxed, open your eyes, continue to listen to the sounds, and allow your gaze to gently follow the motion of the moving lines.

A few tips to get the most out of this visual and mental relaxation:

  • Allow your eyes to gently follow the lines, points, or intersection.
  • Relax and breathe calmly. Let your eyes blink gently.
  • You can let your head turn to direct your gaze, or just use your eyes. See which way feels the most relaxing to you.
  • Screen work tends to freeze and lock the eyes, leading to an uncomfortable habit of staring. Consciously notice the release from the stare as you allow your eyes and mind to keep moving.
  • You may find that the moon and stars move in the opposite direction to the movement of your gaze.
  • The more you let go, the more movement you experience.
  • Keep going. See what you discover.

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The Swings

One of the best ways of helping the eyes and mind to relax is to consciously allow perception of movement in the world around you.

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The world moves.
Let it move.
All objects move
if you let them.

Thumbnail image of Dr William H. Bates

Wm H Bates

Better Eyesight Magazines, July 1920

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