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Esther Joy van der Werf

The ways in which people strain to see are infinite, and the methods used to relieve the strain must be almost equally varied. Whatever the method that brings most relief, however, the end is always the same, namely relaxation. By constant repetition and frequent demonstration and by all means possible, the fact must be impressed upon the patient that perfect sight can be obtained only by relaxation. Nothing else matters. - William H. Bates, M.D.


Esther Joy van der Werf became a teacher of the Bates Method in the summer of 2000 and has made it her full-time work ever since. She has published three practical “how to” books about natural vision improvement, including her most recent book “Optimal Eyesight” (2019) and “Read without Glasses at Any Age” (2013). She has also compiled several e-books on specific vision challenges.

She loves teaching the traditional Bates Method which is based on visual relaxation, not on eye exercises. She has added new insights to the method to make it more effective, and she gently and joyfully guides her students away from eyestrain and back to clear vision in ways personalized to their needs.


I was diagnosed with mild myopia at age 18 and given a pair of glasses. I happily started wearing them, thinking I would look “more intelligent”… But I soon felt the glasses were a grand nuisance and a barrier between myself and the rest of the world. I found it was easier to live in a slightly blurry world than to wear glasses, so I “lost” these crutches. I lived in my blurry world for 16 years, squinting to read TV subtitles or road signs. Then I found the Bates Method and regained 100% clarity in a mere two weeks. I didn’t expect I could improve my sight, yet I did, and it was easy. Why hadn’t anyone told me about this method 16 years earlier? In testing the method on my much more myopic boyfriend, I found he too improved significantly, from an inability to even see the chart from 20 feet, to reading 4 lines with ease on that same chart from 20 feet only one month later.

That was convincing enough to want to learn more, and I haven’t yet stopped learning about how to improve eyesight naturally. It remains a fascinating “hobby” that I find extremely rewarding.


  • Lessons can be on a one-to-one basis or for groups;
  • Skype and Zoom lessons available worldwide;
  • I work with children of any age.

Vision Lessons

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    One to one lessons are 60 or 120 minutes.

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