Bates Method International

Is the method only for people with poor sight?

It is far easier to prevent the onset of vision problems than it is to reverse them, and we would always recommend a person learn the habits of good sight consciously, before they lose them unconsciously. Understandably few people have the incentive to come to lessons until there is already a problem, but the nature of sight is best maintained, rather than having to be saved.

Apart from the value of prevention, 'normal' sight can be improved still further and many people with good sight have experienced such benefits as improved concentration, faster reading, better all-round co-ordination, sleep, digestion and sense of calm.

Since central fixation is impossible without mental control, central fixation of the eye means central fixation of the mind. It means, therefore, health in all parts of the body, for all the operations of the physical mechanism depend upon the mind. Not only the sight, but all the other senses—touch, taste, hearing and smell—are benefited by central fixation. All the vital processes—digestion, assimilation, elimination, etc.—are improved by it. The symptoms of functional and organic diseases arc relieved. The efficiency of the mind is enormously increased. The benefits of central fixation already observed are, in short, so great that the subject merits further investigation.
W H Bates: Perfect Sight Without Glasses 1920 pg 122