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Do I have to stop wearing glasses?

It is ideal to stop wearing glasses, but at first this may not be possible. The degree of visual difficulty, the personality, the tasks and jobs in which the eyes are to be used are all factors which influence the approach in how to reduce and finally remove the need for glasses.

Even people with high prescriptions are often pleasantly surprised at how much they can see once they start learning how to use their eyes well, and commonly wear their glasses much less than they thought possible.

An additional option for high prescription wearers is to obtain reduced prescription lenses. These are especially useful when they are needed for critical tasks or where they are strong enough to meet a legal requirement, like driving.

The essential approach is to learn how to use your eyes in a more relaxed way. You can still do this to some extent while wearing glasses - and as they begin to feel restricting you will naturally want to take them off.

If you are working with a teacher you can discuss your options and look for the approach that meets your needs.The experience of coming out of glasses is unique to each individual.

Doing without glasses a little longer each day is a good way to begin. If one has been wearing glasses for a long time, it is much easier for the patient to gradually do without them, if he is not under treatment for the removal of glasses.
W H Bates: Batter Eyesight Magazine September 1929