Bates Method International

Does the Bates Method work for everybody?

The method can help anybody who is willing. As the method is educational many factors can enhance or hinder its success. A student who is fortunate enough to be willing to learn and curious often achieves rapid progress. A student with a sceptical nature is commonly hampered.

Essentially the method asks students to become aware of what they are experiencing visually, exactly as it occurs, not what they think they should be experiencing. A very busy and active mind is a powerful tool, but it can distract and distort the vision from simple reality.

Vision is 9/10ths mental and 1/10th physical
W H Bates: statement on a vision card

As the method demonstrates, loss of vision indicates a mind out of control, so bringing the sight and the mind back to the present can be a fascinating experience. Most people who dedicate themselves seriously to the method experience substantial benefit.