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Bates Method Teacher Profile: Elizabeth Cheetham

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Elizabeth Cheetham mBAVE

23 Chandos
North East Lincolnshire.
DN35 0BZ
Tel. (01472) 602526

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  • Diploma in Natural Vision Education, Bates Method
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy
  • Diploma in Applied Kinesiology

With experience in Alexander Technique, Eyebody, Pilates and Tai Chi and Nordic Walking.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s career and life have encompassed work as a singer and musician, Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting and eventually she became interested in holistic Complimentary Health Therapies. Elizabeth studied and practiced Aromatherapy Massage and Kinesiology and worked in the fashion world as a part time colour and style consultant.

Elizabeth now realises she too was a culprit of today’s attitudes, it was only when she reached a stage of severe headaches and could not find suitable glasses, that she decided to find herself a Natural Vision Teacher. So after wearing glasses for 40 years and after just two lessons, she was able to start to use her glasses less and less, and now drives and reads in a good light without them so headaches are now a thing of the past.

Shortly after obtaining her Dr Bates Natural Vision Education Certificate Elizabeth was introduced to EFT (The Emotional Freedom Techniques) after hearing about Carol Look, an EFT Master who found that after using EFT for some time her vision had improved.

Elizabeth finds that the awareness techniques as taught in a ‘natural vision lesson’ have gradually become part of her every day life, as in colour awareness from her past experiences in the fashion business. She has also attended Peter Grunewald’s ‘Eyebody’ courses which combines the Alexander Technique with Dr. Bates work. So alongside her Pilates, Tai Chi and Nordic Walking experiences, she now combines these skills into her teaching of Natural Vision work. As Dr Bates stated “There are as many hours in the day to use your eyes well as there are to use them badly”


Fifteen years ago, in my early 50s, I had implants in both eyes for cataracts and have worn glasses constantly ever since because no one had told me differently.

I have been amazed at the improvements in my sight since I started working with Elizabeth. After only a few lessons I can now discard my glasses for all but computer work and driving and confidently expect not to need them at all in the near future. The relief of not wearing glasses all the time is immense and gives back that feeling of freedom.


The only requirement needed to improve your eyesight
or feel better about yourself is

Elizabeth lives on the sea front in Cleethorpes and has the ideal surroundings for Natural Vision Work and Walking. Using her many different skills, she adapts her teaching and lesson fees to the individual clients needs.

Why not give it a try, you have nothing to lose and you have the opportunity of enjoying yourself and gaining more confidence regardless of your age or incapacity. I am happy to chat on the phone to give you more information.


Vision Lessons

First lesson £30 one and half hours.
Thereafter subsequent lessons £25 for one hour


  • Prevention is always better than cure
  • Helping Children to See before they need glasses
  • You can Relearn to See even as we age
  • Improving your Eye Sight Naturally despite your condition

Please contact Elizabeth for more information and to arrange one to one appointments or talks for groups.

Contact Elizabeth Cheetham