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Teachers: Europe - Italy

Vision Education

Vision Educators, Bates Teachers and Natural Vision Instructors in Italy.


Bates Docente Laura Canepa - Associaziana Italiana per l' Educazione Visiva Palica Tiburzi VIa  Casaregis, 21 Genova Italia 16129 Tel: +39 10317084 Training: Unknown ~
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Bates Method Teacher Maurizio Cagnoli - Bates (Verified) buena vista via P. Tiburzi 32 S. Polo Sabino Rieti Italy 2040 Tel: +39 +39 0765 608283 Training: Poona ~ Trained in Natural Vision and Bates Method in Poona (India) between 87 and 89. Leading workshops and teachers' training in Italy and Spain.
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Manuela Spadoni Monza Italia Contact Manuela Spadoni

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