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The Bates Method was a revelation for me. It gave me back my good vision, my freedom from glasses and my belief in my own ability to help and heal myself!


Charlotte trained as a Bates Teacher in 2004, after experiencing a life-changing shift from ten years of blur, to total clarity, through the Bates Method. Since then, she’s taught people from all walks of life how to improve their vision too, and the results constantly amaze her!

She loves this work, especially the way it fascinates and uplifts her clients, on their own exciting journeys to improved clarity and greater self-belief. She teaches online worldwide, and in person.


We need to book that next session, as I have seen an improvement in my eyesight already!!! I’ve been doing my crossword and reading before bedtime without glasses . . . I’m a bit gobsmacked

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Background - my story

I was 25 when my vision deteriorated, and it was a very unwelcome surprise! I refused to wear glasses unless I absolutely had to, so I simply had to put up with living my life in a blur. Over the next ten years my vision became progressively worse, until it reached a point at which I could no longer pretend I could manage life successfully on a day to day basis without glasses. I felt very anxious and unhappy about this. I’d tried a few Bates lessons a few years before, had noticed that it worked, but as my vision wasn’t too bad at that point, I didn’t continue with it, semi-forgot about it, and just got on with my busy life. Eventually, I decided to give the Bates Method a proper try. I bought Dr Bates’ book and did all the exercises, and after just a few intensive weeks, I’d managed to improve my vision back to 20:20! (My optician later shook my hand!)

I first noticed it when I was walking down a London street and found that I could see people’s faces clearly again – amazing! And I noticed how the sunlight glinted and sparkled on the metal of the cars parked on the road - another wonderful moment. I was overjoyed! The Bates Method was a revelation for me - it gave me back my good vision, freedom from glasses, and a strengthened belief in my own ability to change my life and heal myself.


  • Purpose-built Bates Studio
  • 1:1 lessons online and in person, for adults
  • Group courses and workshops
  • Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom and all video call apps
  • Close collaboration with a supportive optician
  • I work at Marlow Healthy Stuff Complementary Therapy Clinic and at the Barns Centre in Thame

Vision Lessons

  • One-to-One

    Book here

    Standard Vision Lesson

    One to one lessons are 60 minutes in length and helpful notes are sent to you afterwards. I’m also available by email if you have any questions between lessons.

    Lessons over Zoom, Facebook, Skype etc. are 60 minutes.


To book your first session with Charlotte, please phone‭‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ +44 (0) 7960 977XXXX - or use the contact form:

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