Bates Method International

Does it become boring?

Feelings of boredom sometimes arise when practising the techniques and this is usually an indicator of one of two things. Always of paramount importance is the active and interested engagement of eye and mind in the surroundings. 'Active and interested' does not mix with bored; the two states are incompatible, so if a person is feeling bored it is certain they are not feeling interested. If a person is just 'going through the motions' then it is better to stop and do something else.

The second reason boredom sometimes arises is when there is an aversion to change. Learning natural use of the eye means letting go of familiar and often very cosy habits, and sometimes that is hard. Occasionally the mind starts to shut out the possiblity and produces boredom as a form of emotional reaction.

Generally if you start feeling bored it means it's time to look at what you're doing in a new way.