Bates Method International

How long does it take to learn?

The basic fundamentals can be taught in about six to ten lessons and it is recommended that an interested student prepare to undertake about that many in order to receive a solid foundation.

If your condition is slight or of a recent nature often six to ten lessons is all that is needed to get back on track. More long standing conditions commonly require a longer commitment: a person with deeply set habits of strain often needs significant guidance and support when learning how to let go.

Within ten lessons almost all people come to understand what it is that is hampering their vision and can recognise how the Method can help them. Because it is an educational process, no two students respond in exactly the same way, so any prediction on exactly how long it takes for any particular person becomes a collection of educated guesses.

Many patients ask how long it will take to be cured. The answer is that it takes only as long as it takes to relax. If this can be done in five minutes, the patient is cured in five minutes, no matter how great the degree of his error of refraction, or how long its duration. All persons with errors of refraction are able to relax in a few seconds under certain conditions, but to gain permanent relaxation usually requires considerable time.

W H Bates: Better Eyesight Magazines September 1919