Bates Method International

How does the method work?

The method seeks to re-awaken a natural process, so the experience of learning the method is often described as 'un-learning'. This is because our innate ability to see is naturally re-established when harmful habits are dropped.

At first simple techniques are taught that encourage relaxed use of the eyes, and so the student can learn the difference between strain and relaxation. From there it becomes possible to understand the ways in which the eyesight has been sabotaged - from overuse and lack of adequate visual rest, to learning how to identify mental distractions that undermine the quality of visual experience in each moment.

Vision - Seeing - takes place only in the present and every technique of the method puts a person into the present moment in an easy and relaxed manner. As the vision is a combination of both physical reception of light and its neurological interpretation in the mind, when the eyes and the mind work together the whole visual system begins to rebalance itself.